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  • 21 Pairs Total (sigh, not nearly as many as I anticipated)

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March 28, 2009



I don't care who wins any sports game... as long as KU loses.

And as for having to share your server with porn blogs... well... I do hope they wipe the seat! You never know what you blog could catch from blogs like those.


The socks are called Olympian. At least if they are the same ones I knit I'm pretty sure that's the name. I love that pattern - easy to knit and I love the way it fits too. That's saying alot for me, especially since it's not a toe-up sock.


The sock is gorgeous - what a great pattern. And I can understand why you'd miss your nephew - it's fun to have someone to talk to the TV with :)


Please update your blog. What about our fabulous trip to Chicago? I'm sure I saw you knitting off and on on vacation. I eagerly await your update.
PS. And, Greg, you have a dirty mind, but I love you anyway.

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