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March 22, 2009



It's unlikely that the porn filter cares about YOUR blog in particular. It's much more likely that there are truly adult blogs on typepad and the filter is blocking all of typepad rather than trying to figure out which blogs are adult and which are tame.


Too funny! Good thing my work doesn't have a porn filter, or I'd never get to read the blogs I love (Yarn Harlot? hello?) :)


Nope, it's just Jess, Gre7g - I could get on other typepad blogs. She's a dirty girl! But luckily I'm back home on my own porn-filled computer so I can access any blog I want.

Cute socks!!


Then it's probably by IP address. Some blogs will be on one server and other blogs on other IP addresses. Sounds like Jess shares a server with adult blogs.

Jessica Eastin

Ewwww....I don't want to share a server with adult blogs. (Although, I do think it's funny that my friends think I'm a dirty girl.)

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