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January 24, 2009



I've eaten elk; you've got me beat on the moose thing, though.... I'm not going to weigh in on the swerve thing, since I've been known to avoid small furry woodland creatures when I wasn't driving in dangerous conditions (e.g. not slippery, not traffic-y, etc...), so I'd be a fine one to talk.


You mean you're just supposed to plow over Bambi and Flower? Geez, you midwesterners are brutal.

I had turtle once but it was in Mexico and followed a large quantity of tequila -- does it still count?


I'm the same way -- there's no way I'm going to mow down Thumper if I can avoid it safely.


Greg once told me a story about a guy who hit a moose with his VW Bug. Allegedly, the moose ended up sitting in the passenger seat of the car. After a moment, the moose stood up and walked away, leaving a really large pile of moose poop in the seat. In order to avoid moose excrement in your vehicle, I would recommend that you swerve if you are given the opportunity.

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