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December 03, 2008



We did a 3lbs turkey loaf, which is perfect for two people. It's enough for lunch, dinner, and then lunch the next day. No way to get sick of it. In fact, I bought another and will do it again soon.

You can't stuff it, but it's better to make stuffing as dressing anyhow.


Beautiful, Jessica!


we did that, too, and my MIL burst into tears. My FIL is having s urgery on the 11th, and she's worried to death. He's 80. I keep trying to tell her that the doctor wouldn't do the surgery if he didn't think Dad was up to it (and Dad and she both have had surgeries iwth him before, as has hubbie. he's brilliant)


oh, and i forgot. i know the designer of Gothik. she's great! and your scarf is just tasty!


Your scarf is gorgeous! And the Sundara story is really interesting; the same thing happened with Wollmeise at the Loopy Ewe -- people went gaga over it. I finally got some once, and I can see that there's something about feeding frenzies that bring out the worst in people (thinking here also of the Black Friday madness last week). I have decided to stay away from them from now on...

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