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Jessica's Sock Countdown 2009

  • 9 Pairs Knit So Far!

52 Pair Plunge II

  • 21 Pairs Total (sigh, not nearly as many as I anticipated)

Jessica's Sock Countdown 2008

  • 24 Pairs Knit!

My Knit-Alongs

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June 19, 2008



You go girl. Um, what are you going to do with 52 pairs of socks?


Re the procrastinating, isn't it time for your daily stint at the wheel? ;) Loving those socks (I miss socks... must cast on...)!


I just printed out a spiraling tube socks for toddlers pattern from Ravelry - might be a good one to keep in your arsenal for when you need something quick - no heels to turn!


Funny--I knit exactly the same socks in exactly the same colorway! They are very comfy.


Excellent work! And very nice socks :)


I have a crazy idea to make "Scouty" socks for my hubby. You know the ones, olive green with the red tops. However, I'm not coming up with the right colors anywhere. Any ideas?


Where are you???? Hopefully enjoying a fabulous, relaxing vacation!

Gre7g Luterman



Hey girl? Are you alive? What have you been doing all summer? Inquiring minds want to know! ~Michele *U*

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