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Jessica's Sock Countdown 2009

  • 9 Pairs Knit So Far!

52 Pair Plunge II

  • 21 Pairs Total (sigh, not nearly as many as I anticipated)

Jessica's Sock Countdown 2008

  • 24 Pairs Knit!

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June 13, 2008



My goodness. You have to be one of the bravest people I know. Seriously. Wow.


You are a brave, brave woman. Or nuts. The socks are cute no matter which one of those things you choose to identify with, though ;-)


I've already told you you're crazy so I won't say it again here. But you are.

Your boyfriend is cute!


You go girl!!!!! I''m glad you know my foot size in case you run out of recipients for your 52 pair plunge you can always send them my way!! ;-) I signed up for The Summer of Socks and that is overwhelming enough for me. Is there a 12 pair plunge for trying to knit a pair a month? That would be more my speed.....


Well, you could *knit* her a pony. I'm serious: there's a pattern called "The Pony" in XRX Books' "Kids Kids Kids" book. And 52 pairs of socks in a year? That is a very courageous undertaking. Do they all need to be adult size or does the occasional kids' pair count?


wow. just wow. 52 pairs?!


Ha haa haaa! Probably not good for your mental state to be yelling "In your face, suckers," at the computer but very funny. Good luck with your goal.

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