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Jessica's Sock Countdown 2009

  • 9 Pairs Knit So Far!

52 Pair Plunge II

  • 21 Pairs Total (sigh, not nearly as many as I anticipated)

Jessica's Sock Countdown 2008

  • 24 Pairs Knit!

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June 05, 2008



So cute! That's quite the bootie parade. My favorites are the magic slippers and the duck feet! Being prepared with baby gifts is so much better than trying to whip things up at the last minute.


Very cute! And ya, "Booty" Queen is another great title to add to the other names you have... I made a pair of modified Saarje's yesterday morning.


The Jester Booties are so cute!! It looks like something a high end baby boutique would sell. Love the packaging idea too.


That's a bunch of booties!! My husband would get a little wigged out as well. (Although he would be thinking that I'm putting pressure on son and wife to have grandbaby.....) The Jester ones are too adorable!!!
You have inspired me with your Bubbles sweater and Zen 2 sweaters and I've ordered the book and a bunch of yarn. Hmmm, maybe I am putting on some pressure :-)


Forget the Spinmaster -- you are truly the Bootie Queen! That's a buttload of booties baby!


Very fun! Thanks for the Sock Pixie link - I am having a lot of fun exploring her site. I think I want to make one of everything.


Cute! If you have to cheat on your 52 sock thing, you could knit booties instead. They're socks for babies, right?

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