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April 21, 2006



Those socks turned out great! Your sock pal will love them I'm sure.
Natasha is not morbidly obese! You're going to give that poor sweetie an eating disorder by saying such things. No wonder she purges on your carpet. :-)


i'm jealous. i NEVER get alone time. evennow, when the kids SHOULD be asleep, i just caught liam turning his light off. he said "i don't feel good." my response was "go to sleep, you're tired!" he's 13, and a big pain in my arse. sigh.

the socks look great. i'm rolling along on the pomatomus socks. the leg has 3 repeats, and i'm almost done with the 2nd repeat!


Well I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your Friday night and managed a few more little snorts when you sank into the comfy sofa, glass of something nice in hand with your hand firmly clasped on the remote. I can assure you I would snort very loudly too ;)


OMG, Jess, your Friday nights sound just like mine! Though sometimes I think Wayne reallly likes WNTW...LOL... I had the remote alone last night too, till he got rained out of the bball game and came home with some Cold Stone Creamery ice cream! And then he fell asleep during WHTW. Oh and the knitting... love the socks. I'm sure your pal will too... how could she not; they are gorgeous and so cool. I'm doing my first pair of "magic loop" socks.


A military channel? Who knew? Of course the golf channel is on 24-7 here. Our cubbies used to camp at the beach -- which sounds cool until you wake up with sand in every possible oriface. Yuck. No bears though.


Oooh... they are wonderful-y pastel-y. Your sock pal will love them! I really like the lacy edge instead of the ribbing!

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