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  • 21 Pairs Total (sigh, not nearly as many as I anticipated)

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August 25, 2005



Gorgeous socks! Lucky person who's going to get them.


love the socks, email me and tell me where they're going, i'd love to know! i'll tell you where mine are going, too. and i'm STILL waiting for the buggers to dry. sigh. however, i like the pattern enough, that i think i'm gonna make some socks for a4a with some bulky i bought. it's allison's anklet pattern, and i'm going to adapt it. too cool! and my sons are the same way about my knitting. they LOVE stuff i knit for them. in fact, i need to get around to frogging liam's sweater, because he got too tall for it, and i'm going to use sweater wizard and make it top down, so i can add to it if i need to. i handspun and knit a hat for the boys to share, and they adored that too! don't know if liam will wear it in jr high, but it's cute! i'll dig it up, and take a pic to post.


Typepad needs a back button doesn't it? Your socks look wonderful, I think they're perfect with that lace in the subtle colour. Your pal will love them.


Very pretty! Love that lace pattern. So glad that you're enjoying the sock swap. It's a blast for me too! :)


Great socks!


Perfect matching of yarn to pattern--or patterns! Love them.

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